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Many Worcester Park motorists suffer scratches to their vehicle’s paintwork over the course of its lifetime; not all get them seen to. For many, such scratches – and even damage that would usually call for dent repair, bumper repair, or another form of car body repair – are simply cosmetic and hardly a pressing concern. At Surrey Dents & Scratches, we respectfully disagree! Scratch repair, alongside the aforementioned services, is often an important and essential issue to see to.

Now you might think: of COURSE they’d say that… it’s their business after all! But in this article, we’ve looked to provide concrete facts that back up our point. Should you already be convinced that you’re in need of our car body repair services – which cover everything from scratch repair to bumper repair, dent repair to general car body repair – then don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team on 020 8397 5257 or 07909 924 676. We serve Worcester Park and all surrounding areas in Surrey.

Key Reasons to Fix “Cosmetic” Damage to Your Vehicle

Vehicle Value

Scratches and dents can significantly lower the value of a vehicle. This is important for two key reasons that Worcester Park motorists should be aware of: first, if you wish to trade in your vehicle for a newer model via your dealership, you’ll be left out of pocket; secondly, if you wish to sell your vehicle on the second-hand market, an increasingly popular option, then you’ll be in a weak bargaining position and most likely be met with low ball offers (that are justified by the damage). The affordable car body repair we offer, whether in the form of scratch repair, bumper repair or dent repair, will ensure you maximise your vehicle’s sell value.


Your vehicles coating/paint is in place for more than just its aesthetic; it has a vital function in keeping your vehicle chassis from rusting or suffering similar issues. So scratch repair is essential to preventing this outer protection from being compromised; otherwise water will get in (rain, sprinklers, etc.) then work its way into the core of your vehicle. This is also a reason why Worcester Park clients may require other forms of car body repair like bumper repair or dent repair.

‘Tis More Than a Scratch?

There’s also every chance that something you diagnose at first glance as just a cosmetic problem, is actually something much more serious. It’s worth bearing in mind that there are often materials placed between the paint and metal that are tasked with absorbing shock in collisions and similar accidents. Worcester Park motorists should be sure that this hasn’t in some way been damaged by visiting us for affordable, fast car body repair services – including scratch repair, bumper repair and dent repair.

So what are you waiting for? Call the Worcester Park area’s car body repair specialist on 020 8397 5257 or 07909 924 676!