We Take the Stress & Expense Out of Car Body Repair in Esher

Car parks can be a nightmare: the stress of navigating them while subtly warring for that perfect space can really raise the blood pressure. Then you have the unfathomable number of minor scrapes, chips, bumps and dents that result due to reckless manoeuvring, or just a particularly poorly laid out/designed car park. This is where Surrey Dents & Scratches comes in. Based in Chessington, we offer motorists in the Esher area speedy car body repair that won’t break the bank – covering all bases from paint repair to dent repair, and onward to bumper repair.

Below, for the benefit of both new drivers and those with an uneasy relationship with car parks, we’ve looked to provide a few tips on avoiding scrapes when navigating them. But if it’s too late and you’re already in need of car body repair, dent repair, paint repair or bumper repair – don’t fret! Pick up the phone and call our friendly team of specialists, located just a minor drive from Esher, on 020 8397 5257 or 07909 924 676.

Tips for Avoiding Car Body Damage in Car Parks

Slow Down – This advice applies to two separate things: both the speed at which you are driving within a car park, and the amount of time you give yourself to finding a space. Being cutthroat and swerving into an open space ahead of a fellow motorist may seem like a savvy move, but it could lead to a nasty (and thoroughly embarrassing) bump. Drive slowly, giving you plenty of time to react to a motorist appearing out of nowhere, or a space that’s a bit narrower than you envisioned, and don’t park too aggressively. This simple bit of advice can do wonders and mean you won’t be visiting our car body repair experts near Esher for bumper repair, paint repair or dent repair.

Choose Wisely – If you drive a large vehicle, don’t squeeze it in the first space you come across if it looks a tad on the tight side of things. You open yourself up to an increased risk of damage, as a fellow motorist may be led to trying to squeeze in alongside you; this is one of the most common reasons cited by our Esher clients for requiring forms of car body repair like bumper repair, paint repair and dent repair.

Keep Aware – Many Esher residents are using the same car park each and every day, for work, the school run or shopping; this naturally leads to complacency… after all you learn the car park pretty inside out! But whether or not you could manoeuvre through it with a blind fold on or not, you need to stay sharp and aware when parking; for there are always motorists out there who aren’t sharp and aware, putting you and your vehicle at risk of damage that calls for car body repair, bumper repair, paint repair and dent repair.

In need of the aforementioned services, or further advice? Call Surrey Dents & Scratches, the Esher area’s local choice for car body repair, on 020 8397 5257 or 07909 924 676.