A Trusted Provider of Car Body Repair in Epsom

If you’re browsing the internet searching for a car body repair specialist within easy reach of Epsom, you’ve come to the right place. Surrey Dents & Scratches, based in nearby Chessington, provides affordable yet meticulously delivered dent repair, scratch repair and bumper repair. If you’ve recently had a bump or knock and want to get your vehicle back looking good-as-new, give us a call on 020 8397 5257.

SMART Car Body Repair Explained

Perhaps the best loved of all modern methods for car body repair, SMART stands for Small Area Repair Technique. It’s one of the best ways that we can carry out all minor dent repair, scratch repair and bumper repair for Epsom motorists, and it’s speedy and affordable when compared with pre-SMART repair techniques. In fact, it usually takes under three hours once we’re up and running!

The process involves a Surrey Dents & Scratches technician cleaning the area we’re targeting, to remove any dirt or pollutants that may get in the way of the repair. Then we tape off nearby panels and any lights to protect them. Next up, we will sand the damaged the area to see the primer/paint underneath. This allows us to mix and apply the right primer/colours layer by layer, for a long-lasting finish that’s consistent with the rest of the vehicle.

Then we prime the surface and heat it with an infrared lamp, before using a spray gun to apply the paint itself (leaving ample time for it to dry before the successive layer). After a second round of curing, we polish the panel for a perfect finish. Often Epsom clients can’t believe their eyes when they see their vehicle looking as good as new!

Keep in mind that this process can differ slightly depending on the type of car body repair we’re providing for an Epsom client – e.g dent repair and scratch repair can be slightly different, as can bumper repair for scuffs. It’s also worth noting that it’s important to invest in timely car body repair even if you aren’t concerned with how your vehicle looks. This is because even seemingly superficial damage can compromise the integrity of your vehicle, and allow rust/moisture in, causing damage to internal components.

For fast, affordable car body repair – including dent repair, scratch repair and bumper repair – call Surrey Dents & Scratches on 020 8397 5257. We’re based near Epsom in Chessington.