First Choice for Car Body Repair in Thames Ditton

At Surrey Dents & Scratches Ltd, we’re constantly receiving visits from Thames Ditton motorists in need of car body repair, dent repair, scratch repair or bumper repair – services in which we specialise and are recognised as Surrey’s foremost authority. Yet while we undoubtedly appreciate the business, we’re also keen to provide advice on how said clients can avoid the need for these repairs in the first place.

That’s why in this post, we’ve taken a look at a few of the key offenders for scratches and dents and how to avoid them. However, no matter how careful we are accidents can surely happen, many of which are completely out of your hands. So if you’re in Thames Ditton and suffer damage to your vehicle, visit us to get it back in perfect shape, with no sign of damage; from car body repair to dent repair, scratch repair to bumper repair, we have the expertise needed to restore the aesthetic of your pride and joy!

3 Common Offenders Causing Scratches & Dents

Loading Your Car Boot – Carelessness when loading or unloading a vehicle’s boot is a surprisingly common offender when it comes to damaging paintwork. You might have your hands full and not notice that whatever you’re carrying is brushing up against the paint work; this can easily lead to scratches that then require scratch repair. If you’re holding something hard or heavy, it could even lead to the need for more serious forms of car body repair or bumper repair! So we urge Thames Ditton motorists to take loading/unloading slowly and carefully.

De-icing – When the winter months roll round, many Thames Ditton residents wake to finding their car caked in snow and ice. Removing this should be done slowly and methodically, for being too aggressive or careless can lead to scratches and dinks. Avoid reaching for the broom as its bristles can cause scratches. Invest in a foam brush instead, which are far softer and much better suited to the job. Go slow, and you won’t have any need for visiting us for dent repair or similar car body repair.

Using Your Roof as a Tables – You’re making the way to your car juggling a bag, perhaps multiple bags, a coat, a wallet – who knows! So you put a bag, a wallet, a set of keys or something else you need to remember on to your car’s roof; standard stuff. But being careless when putting it down or taking it off the roof could lead to scratches or dents that then require one of our professionals’ attention; paying close care, even when under stress and in a rush, is a great way Thames Ditton motorists can avoid the need of visiting or garage for car body repair, dent repair, bumper repair and scratch repair.

…but should you already have damage you need attending to, call the Thames Ditton area’s favoured choice for car body repair on 020 8397 5257 or 07909 924 676.