Restoring Your Vehicle’s Aesthetic With Paint & Dent Repair in Surbiton

Alongside our dent repair and bumper repair services, Surrey Dents & Scratches offers Surbiton motorists ultra-fast and ultra-affordable scratch repair. This is perhaps the most commonly requested of our services, due to how common it is for car paint work to sustain damage.

Below, we’ve run over some of the key causes for chipped/scratched paint, so that you can be better informed of these particular risks and take steps to avoid them. But sometimes, you simply can’t avoid it! That’s why Surrey Dents & Scratches, located just a short distance from Surbiton in nearby Chessington, is on hand to provide expertly delivered car body repair, including: dent repair, bumper repair and scratch repair.

5 Common Causes of Car Paint Damage

Stones & Pebbles – Whether driving on main roads and motorways, or on country paths and driveways, small stones and pebbles can fly up and if you’re unlucky or driving a bit too quick (in the case of the latter). These are usually minor in terms of aesthetic impact, but could compromise your vehicle’s coating and allow water in, which can lead to rusting.

Winter Seasonal Driving
– There are a few different winter hazards that Surbiton motorists should be aware of: road salt, snow and sleet can all cause paint damage, and should be carefully brushed off (with a foam brush) when found dwelling on your vehicle; using a broom or a similar tool could itself cause damage in need of paint repair. Icy roads also mean a much higher chance of collision with objects and fellow motorists, so careful driving is the name of the game to avoid the need for dent repair, bump repair and more serious forms of car body repair.

Summer Seasonal Driving
– Even hot weather and sunshine can be potentially hazardous for you vehicle’s paint job, as long periods of intense sunlight/heat can cause it to fade. There’s a simple solution that we recommend to our Surbiton clients: keep your vehicle covered or in a garage/in shade when parked up for long periods.

Lack of Cleaning – Dirt, grime and other general pollutants can build up on your vehicle if you neglect cleaning it. These various substances can deeply set in and, when finally cleaned, reveal faded or otherwise degraded paintwork. Regular cleaning will help avoid this eventuality.

– The avian family has a habit of leaving their droppings all over vehicles; you could unwittingly park up under an area in which there’s a particularly high population of pigeons or seagulls and come back to a car caked in the stuff! This is an issue due to its acidity, which can permanently damage paintwork. So if you require bird-related paint repairs, visit our car body repair specialists near Surbiton… the same goes for if you require dent repair or bumper repair, which we sorely hope isn’t the fault of a bird.

Whatever form of car body repair work you require – from paint repair to bumper repair, or perhaps dent repair – visit Surrey Dents & Scratches near Surbiton!